Weighing to ensure safe transport
Weighing to allow you to prepare delicious cakes
Weighing is the first thing that happens in your life

Weighing. More than just a number.

About the World With Weighing campaign

What would a world without scales look like? Certainly not the way we all know it. Various types of scales accompany our daily lives without us always noticing. Scales are a fundamental part of medical and pharmaceutical research, without which the development of drugs would be impossible. Scales are used to perform formulations in food production, so that our food always has the same taste. Scales are used for quality assurance in industrial production, for example, to detect low-quality parts with air inclusions or missing parts in larger elements. Scales can also assist in counting components - for example, ensuring the correct number of screws in a packaging unit - so that downstream processes run smoothly. These are just a few examples of why accurate and reliable scales have such a big impact. The World With Weighing campaign will create awareness of the importance of accurate and reliable weighing in our lives and businesses.

The European weighing industry, represented by CECIP, is providing and maintaining the weighing instruments that allows the world to work as it is done now. Companies ranging from large manufacturers to small service providers are continuously working to enable research, improve productions processes and ensure fair trade, positively impacting daily lives all over Europe.