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Weighing instruments in the transport sector.

From weighing a truck on the road to the big containers on ships, weighing is a unavoidable part of transport. It is a sector where weighing contributes to increased safety, efficiency and consumer protection. On the one hand, weighing determines the price you have to pay to for the extra kilos in your suitcase when boarding an airplane. On the other hand it is needed to improve safety, since, irrespective of the mode of transport, overloading or having an unbalanced load can cause problems during air, road, rail or water transport. Therefore, containers are weighed before loading ships, trains, boats or vehicles. Moreover, vehicles on the road are regularly checked by authorities to enhance road safety. At the same time, by checking for overloaded vehicles the road infrastructure can be protected from the damage done by these vehicles.

Why is quality weighing important in the transport sector?

Goods and loads that are not weighed correctly might create overloaded and unbalanced ships, trains, planes or vehicles. Consequently, ships might lose containers, vehicles might damage the road infrastructure and planes might not be stable. The more accurate the weighing the safer the trip is, the more efficient these modes of transport can be loaded and transport can be optimised. Therefore, it is vitally important that the weighing instruments in the transport and logistics sector are accurate and reliable. For road transport businesses accurate weighing system can also avoid fines by being sure vehicles are not overloaded when they go on the road.

Weighing instruments for the transport sector are often incorporated in the infrastructure, making it difficult to repair and replace them. By investing in quality equipment it is less likely the weighing instruments need to be repaired or replaced. Even if this is necessary the quality service partner will help to find the right solution in this case.

What are the innovations regarding weighing instruments in the transport sector?

Modern weighing instruments allow goods and vehicles to be weighed faster and more accurately. Weighing-in-motion systems or weighing systems incorporated in the road infrastructure allow vehicles to be weighed without stopping. This will save time as drivers don’t need to wait anymore. Other solutions include improved on-board weighing solutions that can measure the load more easily and accurate. All these improvements make it possible to weigh more often and more accurately, enabling transport systems to become safer and more efficient. Digitalization on outside vehicle scales increases accuracy in fast ambient temperature changes and detects moisture and corrosion on sensors before they can be a risk for the accurate weighing. 

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